[rabbitmq-discuss] Management Plugin Causes Fault?

James Carr james.r.carr at gmail.com
Wed Feb 2 23:15:10 GMT 2011

Hi All,

I'd love to get the management plugin working to try it out but it
just doesn't seem to work for me (I know it's experimental so I am
taking it with a grain of salt). I have copied the following files to

amqp_client-2.3.0.ez          rabbitmq-management-agent-2.3.0.ez
mochiweb-2.3.0.ez             rabbitmq-mochiweb-2.3.0.ez
rabbitmq-management-2.3.0.ez  webmachine-2.3.0.ez

When I try to start rabbitmq-server I get the following:

Activating RabbitMQ plugins ...
*WARNING* Undefined function erlang:max/2
*WARNING* Undefined function fdsrv:bind_socket/2
*WARNING* Undefined function fdsrv:start/0
*WARNING* Undefined function fdsrv:stop/0
*WARNING* Undefined function lists:keyfind/3
*WARNING* Undefined function ssl:ssl_accept/3
*WARNING* Undefined function webmachine_resource:start_link/2
6 plugins activated:
* amqp_client-2.3.0
* mochiweb-1.3
* rabbit_management-2.3.0
* rabbit_management_agent-2.3.0
* rabbit_mochiweb-2.3.0
* webmachine-1.7.0

{"Kernel pid terminated",application_controller,"{application_start_failure,rabbit_mochiweb,{shutdown,{rabbit_mochiweb_app,start,[normal,[]]}}}"}

Crash dump was written to: erl_crash.dump
Kernel pid terminated (application_controller)

I can only guess that the undefined functions are related to perhaps
having a dusty version of erlang installed so I'll upgrade and give a
try again, just wondering if there might be something else I am
missing. :)


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