[rabbitmq-discuss] Unable to build Debian package since 2.7.0

Jared Biel jared.biel at bolderthinking.com
Sat Dec 31 00:49:56 GMT 2011


We make use of the .dsc .diff and .orig.tgz files present in your apt
repo located at http://rabbitmq.com/debian to perform some
modifications and rebuild using pbuilder. I have been unable to
successfully build a package since 2.7.0 because it fails to compile
one of the plugins (eldap-wrapper.) It appears to die with
"do-package.mk:507: *** Failed to produce eldap-wrapper/build/deps.mk.

Please see the full output of pbuilder here:

The only modification that I'm performing is changing -sname to -name
in all files where it's present. This worked prior to 2.7.0 (when the
plugins weren't included in the main source.)

Thanks for your help,

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