[rabbitmq-discuss] Failed to configure Rabbitmq HA(pacemaker)

Steve Powell steve at rabbitmq.com
Fri Dec 30 16:02:35 GMT 2011

I'm just guessing, but there is this on the pacemaker page:

> The main trick to HA Rabbit is to ensure that when the passive node becomes
> the active node, it must have the same node-name as the failed node. It must
> also have read and write access to the files in the shared storage, and if
> it's going to also be part of a cluster then it must also have the same
> Erlang cookie.
> The server runs as the user rabbitmq which is a member of the group
> rabbitmq. You must ensure that this user and group have the same UIDs and
> GIDs on both nodes. You can probably save yourself some time by explicitly
> creating the rabbitmq user and group with the same UID and GID on all nodes
> before installing the RabbitMQ server at all. If necessary, edit/etc/passwd
> and /etc/group on both nodes, and then reinstall the RabbitMQ server to
> ensure all necessary files are owned by the correct user and group.

That could explain why the slave doesn't 'promote' properly.

However, that said, there is also this:

> This page documents a legacy technique for achieving active-passive high
> availability with RabbitMQ. Active-active mirrored queues are easier to use
> and do not impose a delay at failover.

So, yes, pacemaker HA is a 'legacy' technique though it should still work
and it is possible that in certain circumstances it may offer advantages.
However, closely coupled rabbit nodes in a cluster with mirrored queues
offers the best HA solution so far.

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On 30 Dec 2011, at 00:51, Jae Sang Lee wrote:
> active-active HA looks good. but that manual isn't kindly now so I tried to
> HA using pacemaker first.
> HA using pacemaker is old way and don't recommend now?
> 2011/12/29 Joseph Marlin <joseph.a.marlin at gmail.com>
> Is there a specific reason that you do not want to use Rabbit's new built in
> active-active HA? 
> http://www.rabbitmq.com/ha.html

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