[rabbitmq-discuss] Memory Management Concerns / Questions

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Thu Dec 22 19:48:06 GMT 2011

On 22/12/11 19:35, AndyB wrote:
> But this gets me to my next concern ... The throttling of the
> publishers appears to be a blocking operation from within the
> "BasicPublish" method and as best I can tell, I'm not seeing any
> sort of timeout.  This indefinite blocking would be pretty bad if it
> were to occur in my production environment.

It's not going to block indefinitely, since the paging to disk, or the
consumption of messages, will free up space, at which point the
producers are unblocked.

Just think of this situation as being the same as a slow network /
server; it's indistinguishable from that.

> Is there a way that I can specify some sort of timeout for the
> blocking operation?



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