[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMq and POE::Component::Client::AMQP - Re-delivery to same client?

Andy Walker walkeraj at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 23:29:59 GMT 2011

So, I am playing around with the POE module in an attempt to get the hang
of using RabbitMQ.  I have written two programs, a producer and a consumer
that operate on a single, persistent queue.  Everything seems to work, save
for one thing:  In order to simulate failure, I have written the consumer
to randomly not ack the messages it receives.  The problem is that the
server does not seem to be re-delivering these messages.  If I kill and
restart the consumer, it receives all of the messages it didn't ack.  If I
leave it running, however, they never seem to be re-sent.  This concerns me
because, if I have five consumers running, and they all kick back a failure
on the same message (unlikely, yes, but possible), what happens to the
message?  Does it stay undelivered forever?  How do I solve this problem?

Code is here:  http://pastie.org/3017289
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