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James Aimonetti james at 2600hz.com
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Hi Simon,

Not to be a bother or anything, but have you thought more about how to
handle the case where an application won't necessarily know if the
broker is using federation or not, and how the application can properly
declare the exchange?

We unfortunately can't ensure the exchanges are properly declared on
startup, so the application makes a point to declare them on init. If I
can declare it as federated and have the broker kick back an easily
parse-able error indicating to not use the federation exchange type, and
redeclare using the vanilla declaration, that would get me most of the
way there.

Happy holidays,


On 11/29/2011 03:01 AM, Simon MacMullen wrote:
> On 28/11/11 19:17, James Aimonetti wrote:
>> My app will be running in environments that aren't necessarily
>> federated, which is why I have my app declaring the exchanges on
>> startup. Do you have recommendations for how to handle this? If
>> federation is not enabled, and i declare the exchange as
>> 'x-federation' with type='direct' in the args, will RabbitMQ know to
>> declare the exchange as direct and not federated?
> Ah, no.
> Probably the best thing to do is require the federation plugin to always
> be installed, and in the non-federated environments declare your
> upstream_set(s) empty. This does require a bit of configuration on the
> non-federated environments though. I'll have a think about whether this
> can be improved.
>> As for the amqp_client/ERL_LIBS issue, I installed via tarball. Not
>> sure why starting up didn't have plugins/ in the code path. I'll
>> check the installed Erlang lib and see if a conflicting version made
>> it in there.
> Thanks.
> Cheers, Simon

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