[rabbitmq-discuss] Network failures recovery with RabbitMQ Javaclient

Michael Klishin michael.s.klishin at gmail.com
Fri Dec 9 16:13:22 GMT 2011

Le 09/dic/2011 à 19:41, Busoli, Simone a écrit :

> I'm dealing with this by having a single channel with one consumer which consumes from all the queues the application needs to read data from. What kind of limitation do you see in keeping it single threaded?

I think it's fine for many cases, however, I am designing a solution that library will use and there are definitely problems that can be naturally split into many concurrent tasks.

Currently both Langohr and Hot Bunnies use an executor (basically, submit message handlers to a thread pool) which is single threaded by default but can be swapped with any other. So my thinking is influenced by this scenario, probably too much.

>> 3. How do I detect that reconnection has succeeded?
> In the .NET client when you Open the connection and no exception is thrown I think you can safely assume that the connection has been established.

This is true for the Java client, too. Does this mean that you open all channels in one place in the code? (I find this is a good idea)



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