[rabbitmq-discuss] Bug with consistent hash exchange.

Wojciech Durczyński wojciech.durczynski at comarch.com
Thu Dec 8 14:34:24 GMT 2011


I encountered bug in consistent-hash-exchange used in exchange-exchange 
Let's consider following routing:

exchange A of type topic
exchange B of type consistent-hash-exchange
exchange C of type consistent-hash-exchange

binding A -> B with routing key "b.#"
binding A -> C with routing key "c.#"

If there are queues bound to exchanges B and C, everything works as 

If there aren't queues bound to C, but there are queues bound to B then 
message with routing key "c.x" sent to exchange A is routed to one of the 
B's queues. It should be discarded instead or cause NO-ROUTE or 
NO_CONSUMERS (message flag dependent).

Wojciech Durczyński
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