[rabbitmq-discuss] Clustering On EC2

Michael Delaney mickdelaney at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 08:11:25 GMT 2011


I'm fairly new to rabbitmq, and am currently looking to deploy onto ec2. 
But i've struggled when it comes to networking. 
I'm trying to create a cluster, and on ec2 given the dynamic nature of IP 
addresses using the FQDN's of servers would be 
the most effective way of identifying cluster machines.

But am I right in saying the only solution is to use short names, in effect 
using the hosts file on the actual cluster
machines to identify each other? 

In my naive thinking I would have assumed supporting FQDN's to be straight 
forward, they all resolve to ip's right?
I understand this is an erlang thing not specifically rabbit, but does 
anyone know of a plugin or patch or whatever
that could allow this? 

Or any other successful clustering strategy on ec2?

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