[rabbitmq-discuss] Need help to interpret performance results

tang qingxiong tqxtqx at gmail.com
Tue Dec 6 15:22:35 GMT 2011

Some background. My project is trying to implement rabbitMQ as a
communications protocol as a direct replacement for OpenAMQ as it is
outdated. We are running C++ on windows server 2003 and used the C client
library to implement our solution.

We setup 4 clustered brokers for clients to connect to. We have 20 clients
each publishing data using direct mode to the same exchange with all the
queues listening to the same key.

The idea of the setup is that if 1 client sends out data each of the other
19 will receive the data.

We ran our application and noticed that the queues actually pile up.
I have taken screenshoots of the management console.


This shows that the ready queue which is increasing overtime and also
publish and deliver.


This image shows the incoming rate of each client is 12/s and deliver is

I am wondering if anyone here knows the reason on the pileup as the
incoming rate is less than the deliver rate. (Assuming the incoming rate is
the rate of receiving and deliver rate is the rate of sending.).

Also is there anyway to further optimize the rate of speeding and receiving
either programmatically or configuration. Our send and receive code is very
similar to the example provided by the Client here



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