[rabbitmq-discuss] HA queue in cluster mode

Gaurav Shukla Gaurav.Shukla at hcl.com
Sun Dec 4 14:47:37 GMT 2011

I have setup a cluster. Rabbit1@ qdcls1161 and rabbit2@ qdcls1162. Also rabbit1 and 2 are in cluster. Still when I have rabbit 1 down, the cluster seems to be not working. I read about HA queues, but do not know how to configure them and put into use in cluster mode. Can someone please help? Here is the details I am getting.

-bash-3.2$ ./rabbitmqctl list_queues name slave_pids synchronised_slave_pids
Listing queues ...
-bash-3.2$ ./rabbitmqctl cluster_status
Cluster status of node rabbit1 at qdcls1161 ...
[{nodes,[{disc,[rabbit2 at qdcls1162,rabbit1 at qdcls1161]}]},
 {running_nodes,[rabbit2 at qdcls1162,rabbit1 at qdcls1161]}]

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