[rabbitmq-discuss] Fwd: Trying to use a closed RPC channel

Mysurf Mail stammailbox at gmail.com
Sun Dec 4 14:22:19 GMT 2011

I want to elaborate a bit more since I have been having this issue for a
oong time:

One java client acts as an appserver. it answers rpc requests of other java
clients - through rabbitmq 2.3.1.
it has one method that runs all the time and connects to itself ever 30
seconds through the rpc .
(meaning that it calls itself through the same jsonrpc mechanism that other
remote client use)

suddenly - I get a closed rpc exception from the remote clients but the
server itself continues to call itself through its own rpc system. Am I
making sense?
So I figured that the rpc channel is closed only at the remote java apps
and not in the java server.
Any suggestion where do I go from here?
Thank you

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I moved my application to another network and now I sometimes get an error
"Trying to use a closed RPC channel"
How can I start check whats going wrong?
how do I know what was closed and why ?
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