[rabbitmq-discuss] Consumer without a valid connection

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Tue Aug 23 11:17:25 BST 2011

Hi Andrea,

>>> For some reason, that we can't understand, we have got a queue
>>> with two
>>> consumers and one of this consumer is using a channel of a
>>> connection that is not present in the list of connections.
>> That should not be possible. If you check the connection pid of
>> each channel with "rabbitmqctl list_channels connection" each of
>> them should appear in the output of "rabbitmqctl list_connections
>> pid". Is that not the case?
> Sorry for my late reply. I verified and you are right it's not
> correct what I wrote. The situation is that I have a queue with two
> consumer on two different connections. It seems that one of this
> consumer is a "zombie", to fix the situation I closed all connection

I assume you mean the client thinks it is connected, but the server
thinks the client is not connected.

> and restarted my application After that there is just one consumer
> listening on the queue. Is it possible that rabbitmq DB become
> inconsistency/corrupted (for some reason) and that creates this

Your description does not suggest DB corruption.

> situation? In this case to clean up the db I can delete the mnesia
> folder and restart the server? Is it possible to have more details in
> the rabbitmq log files?

Restarting the broker will terminate connections, so that will probably
work. If the client and server disagree about the connection status then
a broker logfile won't be much help.

Your description is more consistent with an unreliable network, or a
faulty firewall setup. I would look there first.

Does AMQP heartbeats solve the problem?
Does a comparison of netstat output on the clients and the broker yield
any inconsistencies?
Did any of the other means of obtaining diagnostic information
previously mentioned produce useful information?


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