[rabbitmq-discuss] Management Plugin stops gathering stats ?

Rene Parra RParra at homeaway.com
Mon Aug 22 20:27:52 BST 2011

A follow on is:

Would the mgmt-plugin reporting a false stat of ³~0 TPS² result in rabbit
**not throttling** when it exceeds the high watermark for memory?


I¹m afraid that if I ³dial up² my load test any further it could cause
rabbit to start swapping when instead it should be garbage collecting to
reclaim some memory.

Reminder: The load test is quite ³light²... 10 concurrent producers, each at
about 10 TPS a second (100 ms sleep time for each task); 10 queues, each
with 10 consumers on their own threads.  => 100 TPS sustained load.  The
payload is a BigDecimal wrapped with a simple <value></value> tag for XML.


On 8/22/11 12:31 PM, "Rene Parra" <rparra at homeaway.com> wrote:

> Hi everyone...
> I¹ve been performing a load/soak test on RabbitMQ before we promote our
> configuration into production, and have run into a little bit of a snag.
> The Management Plugin seems to gather statistics on the test just fine, but
> after about ~6min to about ~12min into the soak test, the management plugin
> seems to  STOP collecting stats on my queues!!  Thereafter, the throughput
> seemingly (but falsely) goes to zero. The test is actually proceeding just
> fine and queues are happily receiving, delivering, and receiving acks for
> their messages.
> Restarting the disk node seems to clear the management plugin to resume
> collecting statistics.
> My question is: Is there some upper threshold in the management plugin that I
> need to set to continue gathering statistics throughout my test ?  This feels
> like a classic ³invisible threshold being hit somewhere² problem.
> Here¹s a snapshot of the management UI screen working as expected:
> http://i.imgur.com/8eXNM.png
> Here¹s a ScreenCast of the management UI working and then ³FAILS²:
> http://goo.gl/jrvAP
> (please fast forward to these time points in the screencast)
> * @2m 16s:  The system runs normally and then I demo the queues stats
> collection working perfectly.
> * @2m 56s:  Connection View shows normal operating behavior.
> * @3m 34s:  The ³weird behavior² begins... it seems that TPS drops off to 30
> TPS then 0 TPS!! 
> * @4m 22s:  Connection View showing throughput has ³stopped².
> External metric gathering confirms the test still ³runs² and messages are
> being delivered successfully.
> Has anyone else experienced this weirdness with the mgmt plugin?
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> -rparra
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