[rabbitmq-discuss] Inconsistent log rotation

Lionel Cons lionel.cons at cern.ch
Wed Aug 10 07:25:00 BST 2011

Matthias Radestock writes:
 > As Alexandru said, we *append* the log file to the backup extension. So 
 > if you bounce rabbit multiple times the .1 file will just keep growing. 
 > No log information is lost.

You are correct, I missed the ">>"...

 > > IMHO, rabbitmq should not rotate logs on startup but rather, like most
 > > daemons, simply append.
 > That is what we do; the current log gets *appended* to the .1 file.

Most daemons only use one file (per type of log) and append to it so
logrotate's job is easy: just watch one file and act accordingly.

RabbitMQ uses two files (e.g. rabbitmq.log and rabbitmq.log.1) and
both can grow (= could become too large) so logrotate should watch and
rotate both files. This is unusual.



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