[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ Issues -> Losing confidence in it.

Abhishek K abhishek.kona at gmail.com
Tue Aug 2 15:00:29 BST 2011


We have been running a single RabbitMQ instance for 6 months now (RabbitMQ
Off late we observed RabbitMQ was consuming 11G of Memory when the entire
queue-size was about 7MB.
We decided to do a restart of RabbitMQ (thinking this was a memory leak).
On doing a restart of the APP we kept getting restart TIME-OUT without any
messages in the startup_{err,log).

We kept on retrying the restart and after 10minutes RabbitMQ restarted on
its own, without any message or log of what went wrong.

What was an expected down time of <1min ended up being a down time of 10
Also it forced our team to frantically set up RabbittMQ on a new machine
with all the queues and Exchanges (the original Rabbit came back up in the

We are trying to analyze why this happened to us. Specifically answer the
following questions

   - Why was rabbitmq consuming high amounts of memory? Was it a memory
   leak? Is the memory leak fixed in the later version.
   - Why did rabbitMQ not restart immediately? Why was no message present in
   the log.
   - In situations like these how do we start a new rabbitmq instance
   automatically with all the queues and preferably data.
   - How do we upgrade to latest Rabbit without any data loss?

Any opinions and thoughts on this are welcome.

-Abhishek Kona
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