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Tue Apr 12 10:32:41 BST 2011

ConnectionFactory factory = new ConnectionFactory();
connection = factory.newConnection();
channel = connection.createChannel();
channel.exchangeDeclare("EX", "topic");
channel.queueDeclare("A", false, false, false, null);
channel.queueBind("A", "EX", "client.something");

Now if I send a message:

channel.basicPublish("EX", "client.*", null, message.getBytes());

it gets queued in queue A and I can read it with:

QueueingConsumer consumer = new QueueingConsumer(channel);
channel.basicConsume("A", true, consumer);

Later at t1, two more clients CLIENT1, CLIENT2 show up and declare:
- queues B, C
on the same exchange EX

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