[rabbitmq-discuss] Message delivered to only one consumer in a topic exchange

Garrett Smith g at rre.tt
Wed Apr 27 00:18:30 BST 2011

I need to spend some time collecting more specific data, but I wanted
to post here earlier than later in case it's obvious to someone.

I'm sending messages to a topic exchange from an Erlang client. The
message is being delivered to only one consumer (of several) that has
bindings for the message.

I don't see this behavior when sending the same message payload using
the qpid Python client.

I *believe* I'm also seeing this behavior (message only being
delivered to one consumer) when using the RabbitMQ Java client.

The broker is v2.2.0. The clients are a mishmash of earlier version.

Sorry, I know there's probably a *lot* more info needed here, but I
wanted to start with a simple description, in case I can get lucky :)


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