[rabbitmq-discuss] Thoughts about RabbitMQ.NET with WCF as a bottleneck

Shlomo Kraus plonit7 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 25 10:51:35 BST 2011


I am looking into RabbitMQ for a large scale distribution  service of
financial market data that may handle thousands of messages and more per
sec, coming out of a CEP engine (NEsper).
I am using C# for development and will deploy on Windows AWS, (although the
RabbitMQ will probably sits on its own linux instance).

RabbitMQ seems very powerfull by itself, but I am worried about the .net
interface which uses WCF to communicate with the server for pushing data
into stream.

Doesn't WCF perform as a bottleneck here? Why not use a low level approach
as raw sockets for that matter?
And if ther server is on the same machine as the data producer, why not use
some other local interface?

ps, I am new to RabbitMQ so please excuse me if I misunderstood the

Thank you all
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