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Ben Browitt ben.browitt at gmail.com
Mon Apr 25 08:59:28 BST 2011

I have a service on one server that need to get messages from several
websites on remote servers.
A message will be triggered by a user action in a website. For example, when
a user login or post a comment.
Messages are small, frequency will be low and it is not critical if messages
are lost.
The easiest thing to do is send an http request from the website to the
service but that will block the user request.
Another option is to store messages in a database on the website server and
poll it with a cron job or a request from the service but it's dirty.

I would like to use rabbitmq for this.
The service will have a rabbitmq server with a client for each website.
Each website will have a rabbitmq client that will publish messages to the
Websites will use php, python or ruby.

Do I need to use a different client for each language?
Is the client async, meaning that the php code will ask it to send the
message but won't need to wait for it?
Are there rpm/deb packages for clients that take care of installation and
startup for me for easy integration?
Is there a client that acts like a local server that is easy to install and
can talk to any langauge? It could use http or thrift for example.

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