[rabbitmq-discuss] Upgrading windows bundle?

Derek Chen-Becker dbecker at cpicorp.com
Thu Apr 21 23:50:48 BST 2011

Hi all,
    We're looking at deploying a RabbitMQ broker on Windows at
potentially several thousand sites and our QA group has come up with a
few questions. First, the windows bundle is essentially a zip file that
we unpack to a specific directory for the install. When we want to
upgrade can we just stop the service, unpack the new files to the same
location and then start the service, or do we need to additionally
deregister the service, remove all of the old files, and then unpack and
re-register the service?

    They were also wondering if the permissions are stored in a file
somewhere that we could push out if we decide we want to add users,
perms, etc, or if we'll need to run a script against rabbitmqctl on each
box (slightly more work but not a big deal). I know RabbitMQ stores that
data somewhere, we're just not sure if it's the same name on each box
and if it's safe to copy that file to a different host (each host is
going to have a unique node name based on the computer name).



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