[rabbitmq-discuss] Producer consumer performance test

Shalin Shekhar Mangar shalinmangar at gmail.com
Thu Apr 21 19:46:55 BST 2011


I've a stock installation of rabbitmq using apt-get on Ubuntu 11.04 and I'm
trying to run a simple producer/consumer performance test. You can see the
Scala code at https://gist.github.com/935196

I have one producer thread which sleeps for a second after publishing 2K
messages and 4 consumer threads which are all waiting for messages to
arrive. Running the program on the same host as rabbitmq, I see the
following numbers:

Produced: 20000 throughput: 1966.955153422502
Consumed: 17410 throughput: 1712.234461054288
Produced: 40000 throughput: 1982.6517967781908
Consumed: 31624 throughput: 1567.4845105328377
Produced: 60000 throughput: 1988.3351007423119
Consumed: 45201 throughput: 1497.9122481442207
Produced: 78000 throughput: 1941.4575866188768
Consumed: 45221 throughput: 1125.5724810832337
Produced: 98000 throughput: 1953.125
Consumed: 60884 throughput: 1213.4088010204082
Produced: 118000 throughput: 1960.882064576167
Consumed: 62019 throughput: 1030.6097013809263
Produced: 138000 throughput: 1966.4562463485186
Consumed: 62023 throughput: 883.8080852701027

The rate of consumption keeps dropping. CPU usage of rabbitmq is constant at
approx 170%.

If I remove throttling from the producers, the rate of consumption
becomes abysmally low. Is the default rabbitmq configuration very slow? Am I
doing something wrong?

Shalin Shekhar Mangar.
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