[rabbitmq-discuss] Our Application is not listening to rabbitMQ.

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Thu Apr 14 10:57:45 BST 2011

Hi, Waseem

On 13/04/11 12:27, Waseem Hawaldar wrote:
> Hello,
> When new messages have been pumped into rabbitMQ after it is kept idle
> for 3 to 4 hrs, our application is not listening/consuming to that
> messages. I am in need of a quick solution for this problem.

I would suggest attempting to establish whether the problem is in the 
broker or in the application. What is the output of "rabbitmqctl 
list_queues", "rabbitmqctl list_connections" and ""rabbitmqctl 
list_consumers" at the time you expect your application to be receiving 
messages? Is it possible that the network connection has dropped? Do you 
get the same problem if you enable AMQP heartbeats?



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