[rabbitmq-discuss] Transaction Dependencies

Vaughn Vernon vvernon at shiftmethod.com
Wed Apr 13 06:15:45 BST 2011


Would it be possible to get some input on this? I've read through docs, 
wiki, faq, and archives and haven't found what I need.

Even if the answer is that this won't work it would help me.




On 4/11/2011 10:31 PM, Vaughn Vernon wrote:
> Hey,
> How do you recommend handling the case where a local application 
> database transaction may commit or rollback, and you don't want to 
> publish the event unless it commits? In other words:
> 1 - application transaction begins
>     2 - application writes to database
>     3 - rmq message published (publish must succeed for application 
> transaction to succeed)
> 4 - application transaction commits; however, issue occurs, 
> transaction does not complete; must prevent rmq publish
> Can't move #3 after #4 because the possibility exists that rmq publish 
> will fail and message will never be published.
> This points to 2pc of application and rmq, but unavailable for the 
> application database. BTW, does rmq 2pc with other databases?
> Vaughn
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