[rabbitmq-discuss] data being fetched from other queues too(that are not named in basicConsume)

Kamal kamal.nandan at gmail.com
Mon Apr 11 14:19:04 BST 2011


I am facing a strange problem while using RabbitMq.

I have a consumer that creates 3 queues(just for name sake HIGH/MEDIUM/
LOW priority queues) on the RabbitMQ server and consumes data from the
3 queues in this order:
5 messages from HIGH
3 messages from MEDIUM
2 messages from LOW.

This keeps on happening in round-robin fashion.
If there is no data available on the respective queue, the data from
the next queue is fetched.

I am using "Channel.basicConsume(queueName, ACK, QueueingConsumer)"
and "QueueingConsumer.nextDelivery(timeout)" to fetch the data.

What I see here is: I see that the data is fetched from the other
queues too. i.e. Even though I have passed the queuename as "HIGH",
then too i see that the data is being fetched from the queue "LOW" or
"MEDIUM" and vice versa. I am finding this behaviour quite strange.
Can someone plz help me out with this.

Following is a snippet of my code.:

Thanks in advance..


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