[rabbitmq-discuss] Transactions & Routing

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Wed Apr 6 22:29:28 BST 2011

Jason J. W. Williams wrote:
>>> If there's no error, is there no way to tell the difference between in
>>> queues and didn't get routed save the mandatory flag?
>> Correct. And the 'mandatory'/'immediate' flags are highly questionable
>> features. If an app depends on them there is probably something wrong in the
>> design.
> Wow. So the only way to get a solid guarantee that it's been delivered
> is to use a reply_to queue?

Could you describe what problem you are trying to solve?

In a pub/sub system, a publisher generally doesn't care how many, if 
any, subscribers are receiving its messages. And for task queuing, store 
& forward, and many other scenarios the producer can declare (passively 
or actively) the queues it expects the messages to end up in. And for 
request/response, the producer can timeout waiting for the response and 
take appropriate action then - which is something it has to do anyway.



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