[rabbitmq-discuss] Fedora GSoC 2011 and Erlang-related proposal

Peter Lemenkov lemenkov at gmail.com
Mon Apr 4 15:20:44 BST 2011

Hello All!

Fist of all sorry if you received multiple copies of this message.

I'm participating as a mentor from Fedora Community in the Google
Summer of Code 2011. My proposal is to integrate further Erlang with
RPM (automatic provides/requires generation, live upgrades within
init-script's reload/restart commands, creating RPM package directly
from the rebar and perhaps something else). Unfortunately the deadline
is near (08-04-2011) and nobody has volunteered so far.

In order to achieve the desired goals the participant

- *must* be a Fedora user. Fedora 15 is preferred (alpha version was
released few weeks ago). Actually you don't need to install it on bare
metal - you may use any virtualization software you want.
- *should* be familiar with RPM packaging
- *must* have at least superficial Erlang experience (I mean you
should be able to create something more sophisticated than ping-pong
example - you have only few days to learn!)
- *should* be familiar with Git
- *must* be eligible to participate in GSoC (in short - you're student
or postgraduate)

This is a one-person position. It won't require full-time
participation (i think this will require ~5-10 hours per week or even

If you're interested then please drop me a line *immediately* (our
time is short). And under "line" I mean very informal CV^W
self-introduction - with brief description of your skills, desired
goals and motivation, GitHub account, whatever else you think is
relevant. Please don't be shy if you think you're not a Great Rock
Star Developer - the main goal of GSoC is to teach you something new,
not to examine you. If you know a person who might be interested -
forward him this message, please.

Also please note that I *cannot* guarantee that this proposal will be
finally approved - there are many other competing proposals (you may
chose one of them instead of mine one) and some of them are very
interesting indeed:


Anyway we should try.

With best regards, Peter Lemenkov.

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