[rabbitmq-discuss] How to return value from response Queue !!!!!

sam_mis sameek at arosys.com
Mon Sep 27 06:54:25 BST 2010

Hi, i am using Rabbitmq Java client API.i am sending two number from GUI to
producer and producer put into queue another side consumer can listen the
queue and read it and perform the addition of two number and put result on
queue then again my producer will listen the my response queue and retrieve
the result.

while (runInfinite) {
            QueueingConsumer.Delivery delivery;
               delivery = consumer.nextDelivery();
            } catch (InterruptedException ie)
         System.out.println("Result received-"
+ new String(delivery.getBody()));

My problem is when the while loop run infinite time and i want to send the
fetched result to an GUI to show result.i want to know that, it is possible
,if possible then what i do?
http://old.nabble.com/file/p29815725/rabbit-rpc.png  just i want to use the
same flow.

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