[rabbitmq-discuss] number of Erlang processes being used?

Mario Menti mmenti at gmail.com
Fri Sep 24 12:33:37 BST 2010

Matthew Sackman wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 24, 2010 at 12:07:13PM +0100, Mario Menti wrote:
>> Is there a way to see the number of lightweight Erlang processes
>> currently in use by rabbitmq? We regularly run out of them, even
>> with a higher-than-default number being specified (65535), and while
>> I realise that there may be an underlying issue, it would still be
>> very useful to monitor the usage.
> No - there's no way of figuring this out other than the total number of
> processes being used in the erlang VM. Thus if you're using other
> applications within the same VM, you won't be able to separate them out.
> length(erlang:processes()).
>   will tell you the total number of processes running in the VM.
Thanks - there's nothing else running in the VM, so this should be good 
> Btw, you're not helping yourselves by running such an old version - we
> pushed the default limit up to 1e6 around 1.8. You shouldn't have many
> concerns with raising your limit substantially further (though it will
> mean the VM will take up a bit more memory which might be relevant if
> you're running in an embedded environment). The absolute maximum is 16bn
> but if you use that I think I found the base VM on its own takes up some
> 400MB after booting (just due to the various arrays and bookkeeping
> needed for every process). Given your 24GB of RAM, I would think that
> you're not in an embedded enviroment and such paltry amounts of memory
> are not a concern!

Yes, these are dedicated servers. Thanks for the additional info - 
updating to latest/later versions of rabbitmq is pretty high somewhere 
on our Todo list :)

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