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Vukasin Toroman vukasin at toroman.name
Fri Sep 24 10:02:39 BST 2010

Hi David,

I think they meant this specification:


You can take a look at all the supported functions along with the rules they adhere to.


On Sep 24, 2010, at 10:55 , Davorin Rusevljan wrote:

> On Wed, May 5, 2010 at 9:58 PM, Alexis Richardson <alexis at rabbitmq.com> wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> As part of an ongoing drive to "be more open" as well as to "get to
>> 1.0" the AMQP Working Group has published the 1-0 PR3 draft on the
>> webs for Public Comment:
>> http://www.amqp.org/confluence/download/attachments/2523279/amqp_1-0_PR3.pdf
>> I would be thrilled if the whole community could take a look at this.
>> Please:
>> - Be quick!  We need comments asap.
> Well, this would hardly count as quick but here are some questions:
> 1)
> Chapter 3 on Composite types in Book II Data types, on page 27 states:
> "Compound types are formally defined in XML documents included with
> specification."
> Where are those XML documents located? I have found some in sample
> Python broker, and I guess some of the xml sources used to build the
> spec document could be used to extract that information, but I guess
> they should be really packaged together with the spec.
> More importantly, the format that is used to formally describe types
> is not specified at all (or I have managed to miss it :) ). While
> format does seem somehow natural, and recently added FAQ section on
> the web site does address some of the issues, it definitely needs to
> be described what each xml node and every possible attribute means,
> and how do they interact. Without that whole type system seems to be
> hanging in the air.  (again my apologizes if such definitions exists
> and I have missed them)
> 2) Is there some kind of forum, or additional resources that potential
> implementor of amqp related software might use? I have signed the
> reviewer license, and received congrats on that, but I do not see it
> offers any additional information that I could use, even not the
> suggest way to send comments in and to whom to address them.
> Many thanks!
> Davorin Rusevljan
> http://www.cloud208.com/
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