[rabbitmq-discuss] Homebrew RabbitMQ (was Re: Thoughts from a new user)

Tony Garnock-Jones tonyg at rabbitmq.com
Fri Sep 24 00:22:48 BST 2010

Hi David,

On 23/09/2010 08:22, David Wragg wrote:
> - It should create and use a rabbitmq user/group, and include the
>   wrapper scripts to support this.

I disagree with this: it's against the homebrew "no sudo" philosophy:

> - We need to have a way to distribute an update package when we make a
>   new release, for users that are willing to bypass the central
>   repository.

Maintaining a fork of homebrew on github is one good option here. It's also a
good way of getting the new package accepted upstream.

> We've made all this work for macports; it's unlikely we are going to
> repeat that effort for homebrew (unless macports dies or something).

Fair, though really, my (!) experience getting Rabbit running on Homebrew was
far, far more pleasant that getting it running on Macports.


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