[rabbitmq-discuss] couple of things on new admin interface

Jon Brisbin jon at jbrisbin.com
Tue Sep 7 22:00:22 BST 2010

Just installed it on our Ubuntu Linux server using 2.0.0 from the RabbitMQ apt repo and it complained that "inets" was not installed. Installed erlang-inets from aptitude and it started right up. 

I like everything so far. I had a couple questions:

Is the list of queues pageable or will it display all of them at once? 

Can it be split up by vhost so I can look only at one vhost at a time or are they all mixed together? I try and use vhosts to keep things organized. It might get confusing put them all back into a single bucket.

A sort and search to find the queue I'm looking for would be very handy. :)

Looks like the beginnings of something very needed and very useful...


J. Brisbin

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