[rabbitmq-discuss] Delay delivering messages

Michael Burns michaelburns1 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 3 09:03:25 BST 2010


We're just starting out with RabbitMQ and have a very simple setup: one
queue, one producer doing a basicPublish and one consumer doing a
basicConsume using QueueingConsumer.

For the most part it works fine however at fairly regular intervals we are
finding that messages remain on the queue for a considerable period before
being delivered to the consumer.

We are putting a very low volume of messages through and have sometimes had
to wait up to 15 minutes for a single message to be delivered (at the time
this was the only message in the system).

In all cases the messages are eventually delivered.

I dont know where to start debugging this as there is nothing in the
RabbitMQ logs thats suggests something is going wrong - could anyone point
me in the right direction as to what may be causing this?

Many Thanks,
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