[rabbitmq-discuss] Active/active HA setup

Jiri Krutil jiri at krutil.com
Thu Sep 2 18:12:22 BST 2010


Not sure if I got your questons, but will try to answer...

On 2 Sep 2010, at 18:02, Alexis Richardson <alexis at rabbitmq.com> wrote:

> 1. How will out-of-order behaviour be observed in your use case?

Our client-server contract promises that requests from a given client  
will always be processed in the order in which they were delivered to  
the broker. The same applies for the server responses. This is  
strictly required for our business. It is acceptable though that  
requests from different clients connected to different brokers are  
delivered in a different order.

Our server could detect out-of-order requests using a request sequence  
number and throw them away. This would however require cooperation  
from the clients (always fill in the seq no).

> 2. Do you plan to use shared queues, or will each queue have just  
> one consumer client so that all pubsub happens using the exchange?

Clients receive broadcasts by declaring an exclusive queue and binding  
a well-known topic exchange to it.

Requests are processed by one (singleton) service, possibly consuming  
from two brokers, one request queue per broker.

Nothing at all is shared among the brokers.


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