[rabbitmq-discuss] Missing features making me look at moving off RabbitMQ

Christian Legnitto clegnitto at mozilla.com
Fri Oct 29 19:55:41 BST 2010

Just thought I'd send a note detailing why I am investigating moving off RabbitMQ. Please note that these are be specific to my use-case and may not apply to yours. Also note that many of these can be worked-around given enough time.

Background on what I am doing can be found @ http://pulse.mozilla.org

Built-in way to deal with the "slow consumer" problem

* For pulse, it is entirely conceivable that consumers will check in once and perhaps go away for weeks (or maybe forever)
* Ideally support would be configurable and similar to http://activemq.apache.org/slow-consumer-handling.html

Built-in HA

* It'd be nice to not have to cobble together multiple pieces to get this
* Clearly not a deal-breaker as there are existing solutions

Support custom authentication schemes

* I'd like to be able to hook authentication to different backends (like ldap, use bugzilla for auth, etc)
* I need this as I don't want to maintain lists and want to give permissions based on ldap groups

Support message-level permissions

* It'd be nice for a publisher to be able to include a security token and have the broker decide to vend to a consumer or not based on it
* Haven't really thought about this in-depth yet, but the problem we are trying to solve is publishing multiple-tiers of security-sensitive information where the message content itself determines who should see it

Support for WebSockets

* It'd be nice for there a plugin to support websockets
* More important for Mozilla as most tools are web-based
* I have set it up with orbitd, but it's a pain / another moving piece / easier to uncomment a line like http://activemq.apache.org/websockets.html

Public bugtracker

* Be nice to file bugs, learn from other's bugs, etc
* I understand there is a private one. Can you just set all existing bugs to restricted and provide public access? All new bugs could be public and as soon as old bugs are vetted you could open them up

Public roadmap

* Very critical when you are basing your entire organization on a product
* Management console / API was on this list, then all of a sudden someone started working on it (thanks!), but it would have been nice to know it was coming


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