[rabbitmq-discuss] Binding routing key to queue on default exchange

Irmo Manie irmo.manie at gmail.com
Fri Oct 29 16:09:12 BST 2010

If you declare a queue, there is an automatic binding where the queue
name is used as the routing key.
Now I want to bind a different routing key to that same queue name
without specifying an exchange name, which according to the specs
should be possible correct?

With the 1.8.0 server this was possible, but with the latest 2.1.1 I
get an access_refused back.

Is there an explanation for this, or do I understand the specs wrongly here?

Meta code:

    val connection = connectionFactory.newConnection
    val channel = connection.createChannel
    val queue = channel.queueDeclare.getQueue
    val queueBind = channel.queueBind(queue, "", "some.routing.key")


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