[rabbitmq-discuss] problem with new persiter with 1000 topics/queues

alex chen chen650 at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 29 00:05:16 BST 2010


> So rabbit is taking up 4GB when all the queues are empty? How many
queues are there? 1000? And how many connections?

yes 1000 queues and 1000 connections.  this 4 GB was after 200 GB messages were consumed.
If the broker is started fresh with 1000 queues and connections but no messages published, the mem usage is 260 MB.

> How frequently are you running 'rabbitmqctl list_queues'? If it is run fairly frequently it can significantly delay freeing up memory since queues don't get a chance to hibernate.

we run it once a minute to monitor the queue length.  i will disable it in my next test.



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