[rabbitmq-discuss] problem with new persiter with 1000 topics/queues

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Thu Oct 28 15:22:56 BST 2010


On 28/10/10 06:03, alex chen wrote:
> i increased the timeout of login from 10 sec to 5 minutes, then the
> consumers could consume the 200 GB of messages without any problems. the
> 2.1.1 broker's memory kept below 6.2 GB. (the memory usage for release
> 2.0.0 was 10 GB for this test case).

That makes sense. Starting 1000+ consumer connections all at once will 
cause enough work at the broker end that the connection negotiation on 
at least some of the connections might take quite a while. And if the 
consumers are also declaring queues and bindings, and start consuming 
messages the broker has even more work to do and establishing new 
connections will take longer still.



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