[rabbitmq-discuss] problem to understand configuration regarding Rabbitmq server in client?

ALBERT HIDALGO BAREA abarea at tid.es
Thu Oct 21 07:23:39 BST 2010

If the server (machine where is installed RabbitMQ, in your case a Linux one) has the IP x.x.x.x, you should put in the factory.setHost(x.x.x.x), instead of
The username and password will depend if you add another user in the RabbitMQ server (in this case in the Linux machine, the default one is "guest" and "guest"). 
The default port is 5672, so if you do not change it in the configuration file of RabbitMQ server side, leave as factory.setPort(5672).


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I installed Rabbitmq server[for windows] in my machine,in same machine i am
using Rabbitmq Java client API for publish the message in queue and consume
where i use the some configuration:

       ConnectionFactory factory = new ConnectionFactory();  // opening a
Connection to an AMQP broker
       factory.setUsername("guest");     //Default username
       factory.setPassword("guest");     //Default  password
       factory.setVirtualHost("/");         // set the virtual host
       factory.setHost("");      //set the IP Address
       factory.setPort(5672);               //Default Port       
but when i talking about the Rabbitmq server side configuration,i didn't do
anything,here is no problem.my program was running smoothly.i have some
confusion regrading this configuration:

username-"guest" is the default username to access Rabbitmq server
password-"guest" is the default password to access Rabbitmq server

if i installed Rabbitmq server in Linux machine and my client program which
use the Rabbitmq Java client API running on another machine[windows] then
where to required to change this configuration.
please help me to clear such things .

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