[rabbitmq-discuss] can Message is send in the form of XML in Queue?

darr darren_gilroy at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 21 04:47:16 BST 2010

sam_mis wrote:
> Thanks for reply.could you please describe more detail about the
> "serialise the XML into the message and deserialise it at the other
> end",if possible then please provide some example about.

That depends on what language you're using to talk to RabbitMQ with, and, as
gently as possible, whatever the answer is would be outside the scope of
this list.  Questions about how to serialize xml to a byte stream are better
answered elsewhere.

However, in general "serialize" just means to take XML text and convert into
to the raw bytes that RabbitMQ understands.  In java, and very abstractly 
  String myXml = "<foo>bar</foo>";
  byte[] myBytes = myXml.getBytes();

So, you can say that "myBytes" is a "serialized form" of "myXml".   There
are many, many ways to do this, of course -- in java and in other languages. 
Once you have a byte[] or equivalent, then you're back to the "Publish
Messages" area of http://www.rabbitmq.com/api-guide.html

Good luck!

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