[rabbitmq-discuss] Problem with plugin development guide example

Tim Pizey timp at paneris.org
Wed Oct 20 09:47:47 BST 2010

Hi Matthew,

On 20 October 2010 01:01, Matthew Sackman  wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 20, 2010 at 12:48:30AM +0100, Tim Pizey wrote:
>> this is my first outing with rabbitmq, erlang and make so apologies if
>> I have made a stupid oversight.
> You have not. The plugin development guide is out of date. It is
> unlikely to be corrected before bug23274 lands, which substantially
> alters plugin development again (albeit for the better).
> To be honest, at this stage, I'd recommend updating the public umbrella
> to bug23274, taking a look at some of the exchange Makefile and
> package.mk in repos such as rabbitmq-shovel (again, on branch bug23274),
> and reading the README.makefiles in the public umbrella. Much of the
> plugin development guide will still be correct, but where it talks about
> Makefiles and such like, it'll be badly wrong. If you're developing a
> plugin that works with the erlang client (more than likely the case),
> you'll also want that on branch bug23274 - in fact, is just safest to
> have _everything_ on that branch, right at the moment ;)
> Apologies for this situation - hopefully it should be sorted out
> reasonably soon.
> Matthew

Thank you for your rapid reply.

However, I have wasted 2 hours in self-doubt and error;
how difficult is it to update an introductory document,
and to put its content into a CI environment  so that
someone notices when it breaks?

My actual objective is to get rabbithub running, but I thought
I would do the "Hello world" exercise as a warm up, never having
used this tool chain before.

thanks for the reply

Tim Pizey

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