[rabbitmq-discuss] Problem with plugin development guide example

Tim Pizey timp at paneris.org
Wed Oct 20 00:48:30 BST 2010


this is my first outing with rabbitmq, erlang and make so apologies if
I have made a stupid oversight.

I have installed erlang:
 Erlang R14A (erts-5.8) [source] [64-bit] [smp:2:2] [rq:2]
[async-threads:0] [kernel-poll:false]
Eshell V5.8

(and zip)

on my uptodate debian amd64 sid which gives GNU Make 3.81

I have followed the example at http://www.rabbitmq.com/plugin-development.html
and can get rabbit-server running without any plugins.

The result of running make in the rabbit_metronome directory is

Archive:  rabbit_common.ez
   creating: rabbit_common/
   creating: rabbit_common/include/
  inflating: rabbit_common/include/rabbit_msg_store.hrl
  inflating: rabbit_common/include/rabbit_msg_store_index.hrl
  inflating: rabbit_common/include/rabbit_exchange_type_spec.hrl
  inflating: rabbit_common/include/rabbit.hrl
  inflating: rabbit_common/include/rabbit_backing_queue_spec.hrl
  inflating: rabbit_common/include/rabbit_framing.hrl
   creating: rabbit_common/ebin/
  inflating: rabbit_common/ebin/rabbit_framing_amqp_0_8.beam
  inflating: rabbit_common/ebin/rabbit_common.app
  inflating: rabbit_common/ebin/rabbit_net.beam
  inflating: rabbit_common/ebin/rabbit_exchange_type.beam
  inflating: rabbit_common/ebin/rabbit_binary_parser.beam
  inflating: rabbit_common/ebin/rabbit_framing_channel.beam
  inflating: rabbit_common/ebin/rabbit_channel.beam
  inflating: rabbit_common/ebin/priority_queue.beam
  inflating: rabbit_common/ebin/supervisor2.beam
  inflating: rabbit_common/ebin/rabbit_writer.beam
  inflating: rabbit_common/ebin/rabbit_misc.beam
  inflating: rabbit_common/ebin/gen_server2.beam
  inflating: rabbit_common/ebin/rabbit_msg_store_index.beam
  inflating: rabbit_common/ebin/rabbit_basic.beam
  inflating: rabbit_common/ebin/rabbit_framing_amqp_0_9_1.beam
  inflating: rabbit_common/ebin/rabbit_binary_generator.beam
  inflating: rabbit_common/ebin/rabbit_heartbeat.beam
  inflating: rabbit_common/ebin/rabbit_reader.beam
ERL_LIBS=build/deps:deps erlc -I include -o ebin -Wall +debug_info -pa
ebin src/rabbit_metronome.erl
ERL_LIBS=build/deps:deps erlc -I include -o ebin -Wall +debug_info -pa
ebin src/rabbit_metronome_sup.erl
ERL_LIBS=build/deps:deps erlc -I include -o ebin -Wall +debug_info -pa
ebin src/rabbit_metronome_worker.erl
make: *** No rule to make target `ebin/.app', needed by
`dist/rabbitmq-metronome.ez'.  Stop.

I can get it to complete by touching ebin/.app
however that creates a corrupt package

I manually removed rabbit_metronome/dist/ebin/.app and manually repackaged,
but the server still crashes on startup.

Is there a bash script, or a repository copy of a working version of the
metronome app, so that can check if I have made a typo somewhere?

I do not know make well enough, but it looks like a list has an
additional empty member.

Tim Pizey

Tim Pizey

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