[rabbitmq-discuss] shutdown_error debugging

Matthew Sackman matthew at rabbitmq.com
Tue Oct 19 16:43:31 BST 2010

On Tue, Oct 19, 2010 at 04:42:31PM +0100, Matthew Sackman wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 19, 2010 at 09:10:08AM -0600, Michael Hendricks wrote:
> > These tests were done with the Haskell library.
> I'm not sure, but this could be that the library isn't doing shutdown
> correctly - the "error" is rather erroneously labelled an error due to
> OTP rather than our choice. Is there any chance you could put the
> tracer[0] in between the broker and the client - I'm curious as to
> whether the Haskell library is doing the correct sequence of
> close methods.

Or, or traffic capture with wireshark would likely work fine too.


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