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Summary: [rabbitmq-discuss] Monitoring Message Throughput
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gmr at myyearbook.com said: Hey Matthias, 
g at rre.tt said: No Comment 
mtodd at highgroove.com said: I agree with both Garrett and Gavin with some minor additions:

I think pure throughput should include messages failed to be ack'd and
having to be resent since it is technically output. They could be reported
separately and combined manually for those that don't mind the difference.

I think it would be cool to see something similar to Unix load that reports
on the last minute averages, the last 5 minute's average, and the last 15
minute's average. But, this goes back to the discussion on counters and how
easy it is for us to do this on our end since many tools do this for us

So, in this regard, it would be much more useful for the data to just be
handed back to us whenever we request it as a pure count. Let us do the
hard/interesting work of calculating averages over specific time intervals,

RE: throughput, I think we should show both enqueued and dequeued throughput
separately, but do definitely want to include both.

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