[rabbitmq-discuss] the productivity of RabbitMQ

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Fri Oct 15 18:41:30 BST 2010


On 14/10/10 20:44, Alexandre Kalendarev wrote:
> I make some test and was surprised: I have the cons 256 byte message
> len and publish the message to broker at localhost by fanout.
> I have the 8-9 Kqps.
> I make consume one clitnt and had 2-5K qps.
> Haw I can increase productivity?

I get about 18kHz end-to-end on my desktop machine, publishing and 
consuming at the same rate, using the Java client's MulticastMain 
example program with a message size of 256 bytes. And that's using just 
4 of the 8 cores.

What message rates are you hoping to achieve?

What client library are you using?

How are you consuming messages? basic.consume is faster than basic.ack.

Are you marking messages as persistent? non-persistent messages can be 
processed at higher rates.



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