[rabbitmq-discuss] Using Toke

tsuraan tsuraan at gmail.com
Mon Oct 4 18:49:46 BST 2010

> If you exit the broker, then ls dist/*.ez, you should see something
> like:
> rabbitmq-toke$ ls dist/*.ez
> dist/amqp_client-0.0.0.ez  dist/rabbit_common-0.0.0.ez
> dist/rabbit_toke-0.0.0.ez  dist/toke-0.0.0.ez

Strange, some things are getting the -0.0.0 part, and some aren't.
The amqp_client and rabbit_common didn't get the -0.0.0, but the toke
did, so I made links from the files that were created to the -0.0.0
locations.  I haven't been able to get the actual rabbitmq-toke to
build yet; I get this error:

erlc  -Wall +debug_info -I
/home/tsuraan/rabbitmq-public-umbrella/rabbitmq-toke/include -pa
/home/tsuraan/rabbitmq-public-umbrella/rabbitmq-toke/ebin -o
src/rabbit_msg_store_toke_index.erl:46: can't find include lib
src/rabbit_msg_store_toke_index.erl:73: record msg_location undefined
src/rabbit_msg_store_toke_index.erl:76: record msg_location undefined
src/rabbit_msg_store_toke_index.erl:77: variable 'Guid' is unbound
src/rabbit_msg_store_toke_index.erl:86: record msg_location undefined
src/rabbit_msg_store_toke_index.erl:95: record msg_location undefined
src/rabbit_msg_store_toke_index.erl:96: variable 'Guid' is unbound
src/rabbit_msg_store_toke_index.erl:101: record msg_location undefined
make: *** [/home/tsuraan/rabbitmq-public-umbrella/rabbitmq-toke/ebin/rabbit_msg_store_toke_index.beam]
Error 1

I don't think the dist dir is being included somehow, although ls
dist/rabbit_common/include (from the rabbitmq-toke dir) does give me
rabbit.hrl and rabbit_msg_store_index.hrl.  Could this be related to
the fact that I'm using links to the 0.0.0 files instead of getting
them generated properly?

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