[rabbitmq-discuss] Simpler STOMP Behaviour

Lionel Cons lionel.cons at cern.ch
Mon Oct 4 15:50:44 BST 2010

Rob Harrop <rob at rabbitmq.com> writes:
> This design proposes to remove the custom headers, and use only the
> `destination` header with compound values that define the exchange,
> routing key and queue names.


This looks very good.

There is one additional use case which is often needed: private
temporary queues to get replies back. This maps to the Return Address
concept in Enterprise Integration Patterns.

Is this something that could be done with your proposed syntax?

Also, what about AMQP 1.0? Have you considered it in order to get a
syntax that can be adapted/extended to the new AMQP 1.0 concepts?



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