[rabbitmq-discuss] hanging on message sending with py-amqplib

tsuraan tsuraan at gmail.com
Fri Oct 1 18:11:03 BST 2010

> While this is happening, the consumers are consuming from
> the queues.  If I stop the consumers, then the hangs also stop.  I
> also don't ever seem to get hangs when doing normal message sending
> through the exchanges that I normally use;

Ok, this bit isn't true; apparently this is happening during normal
runtime as well, so it's probably not related to the amq.direct
exchange.  It looks like any call to tx_commit is hanging, when called
from anywhere in the system.  I could really use some sort of advice
for how to debug this.  It's rabbit 2.1.0 on erlang 13.2.4 (erl
-version gives 5.7.5; I can never remember exactly how that maps to
erlang's crazy versions: 13B4 maybe?).

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