[rabbitmq-discuss] Can the consumer know who sent the message?

Bob Goldstein bobg at uic.edu
Fri May 28 21:26:44 BST 2010

Is there a way for the message consumer to know the rabbitmq userid of
the process that sent the message?

I realize there is the props hash, which has a user_id attribute.
But I believe props is filled in by the sender, so the sender
could forge anything.

The best I can figure is to create a queue, and make sure that a
particular sender is the only one with privs to write to that queue.
However, that seems cumbersome, fragile, and not particularly scalable.

I see that the receiver does get info about what exchange was used,
and what routing key.  But I don't see the sender user_id anywhere.

Surely I'm missing something?


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