[rabbitmq-discuss] Update on broker behaviour.

Alexis Richardson alexis at rabbitmq.com
Fri May 28 07:46:13 BST 2010


I am posting this document on behalf of Michael Bridgen who is away
for a couple of days.

To follow up from the discussion of AMQP PR3 a few weeks ago, here is
a DRAFT proposal for setting out what "Broker Behaviour" means in AMQP
1-0.  Many of you have said, on looking at 1-0 drafts, "hey, but where
did ... go?".  The answer is that 1-0 attempts to break AMQP into
parts, which *ulimately* could lead to a protocol that is easier to
use and implement.  One of those parts is the definition of
intermediary / broker behaviour.

In Michael's own words:

"I think this one at least sets out the stall, on the things it needs to.

It still requires:
 - formalisation (and in a few cases, formulation) of requirements
 - possibly, types for broker model items
 - the examples to be filled out

Of these, I think the first two should wait until we've had a full
discussion of erm, the discussion in the document."

Please do comment on this document and indeed on any aspect of the
emerging 1-0 documents.

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